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Disposable Jager Bomb Cups

Perfect for your next party and for bar owners!

Featuring a 7/8 ounce shot chamber in the center.
Look at each photo and note the center chamber has an outside chamber that shows 2 1/4 ounces of a "chaser" liquid.
Watch Video Below Shot Recipes

Attention Bar Owners

Has your bar dealt with a patron's teeth being smashed by a glass shot or have dealt with broken pints due to "bomb shots" - these disposable plastic shot cups will save you money and headaches - grab 500 of any color today!

More Jager Bomb Info

The traditional "bomb shot" requires pouring a shot into a shot glass and dropping it into another glass. This can be time consuming and wasteful.
Save money and make your drink specialties quicker with disposable jager bomb cups!

PARTY! Ideas

These disposable shot cups are perfect for serving fun cocktails and drinks at any party! Or - try introducing them as dip and chip holders for dual usage.

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Popular "Drop" Shots or "Bomb Shots"

JAGER BOMB  -   Jagermeister & Energy Drink

IRISH CAR  BOMB  -   Bailey Topped with Jameson & Guinness

BAZOOKA JOE  -   Raspberry Vodka Topped With Grenadine & Energy Drink

BERRY BOMB  -  Raspberry Vodka & Energy Drink

TIC TAC  -  Bacardi O & Energy Drink

CHERRY BOMB  -  Cherry Vodka & Energy Drink

SPIDER BITE  -  Tarantula & Energy Drink

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY  -  Southern Comfort & Energy Drink

HAIR CUTS  -  Amaretto & Light Beer

disposable jager bomb shot cups

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